Platinum Competition 2020

10 am - 1 pm 

In-House Student Choreographed Dance Competition 

Congrats to all of our 2020 winners!

Welcome to our 4th annual In-House student dance competition! PLATINUM is for BDC members only who would like to self choreograph their own dance routines which will be judged by our own staff in a competition like setting. Dancers cannot ask a BDC staff member or any professional dance teacher to choreography their routine, this is a strictly self-choreographed only competition. Any dancer who didn't self-choreograph their own piece will not be eligible for any overalls or the chance to dance at the competition/magical moments. This event is open to any BDC dancer. For more information please see below for our list of rules & regulations.

Divisions (for both Recreational & Competitive)
Mini: 6-8 years
Junior: 9-11 years
Intermediate: 12-14 years
Senior: 15+ years
Acrobatics: Any routine that shows a mix of acrobatic tricks, gymnastics, balances & tumbling. They also display use of balances, walkovers, aerials and any trick where hips go over the head.
Jazz: Any routine that contains jazz technique & style. (may contain up to 2 acro tricks)
Tap: A routine that displays tap technique & tap rhythms with no pre-recorded sounds. (No acro tricks allowed)
Ballet: Any routine that contains classical dance technique & movement with flow. Ballet slippers must be worn.
Open: Any routine that doesn't fit in other dance disciplines which combines two or more styles. No more than 5 Acro tricks allowed.
Musical Theatre
: Any routine that is combined with lip singing & dancing.
Hip Hop: Any routine that is street-style based, which may include but not limited to: locking, popping, break dancing, krumping, street and freestyle.
Lyrical: A routine that combines both jazz & ballet skills that portrays a story to a piece of music.
Contemporary: A routine that has more of an emphasis on modern movements that combines jazz & ballet but is sharper movements than lyrical but with fewer trics and more movement.
Solo: $10.00
Duet:  $8.00/each
Trio: $7.00/each
Group: $5.00/each
Payment must be made in cash to the studio no later than December 13th, 2019
along with your entry form & a parent signature.
Time Limits & Music:
- All routines must be a maximum of 2 minutes long.  Any routine longer will have marks deducted.
- All music must be age appropriate with no foul/inappropriate language.
- All music must be handed in on an ipod/iphone/android or any devices like these.  Please no CD's, if this is an issue, email your music to or hand your CD 2 weeks prior to the competition day so we can download it onto one of our devices.
- Please have all music edited before the competition date.
A schedule of the competition day will be posted in the first week back in January, 2020.
- Be respectful of other competitors.
- Arrive at least 30 min prior to your scheduled performance time.
- If any injury comes up before the competition that does not allow the student to compete, we will refund your payment with proof of a doctors note.
- After you have danced, please stick around for the final awards at the end of the competition
Hair/Make-Up & Costuming.
We would like to see all dancers entering this event to be in full make-up and hair and also have costumes as if it were any other competition. (eyelashes are not required)
- Our panel will be made up of 4 BDC judges. Those judges will each mark the routine out of 100 and then those 4 marks will be averaged out for a final score.  All judges scores are final.
- Each adjudicator will be giving out feedback for each routine and then we will give those critiques to each dancer hand-written.
Marks will be based on:
Choreography: /25
Overall Performance: /25
Emotion: /25
Costuming & Presentation /25
Specialty Awards:
Most Potential Award
Creative Choreography Award
Excellent Emotion Award
Ms. Nadine's Award
Ms. Stephanie's Award
Ms. Chantelle's Award
Mr. Sacha's Award
Ms. Bradley's Award
BDC'S Ultimate Champion (highest mark of the competition)
2020 Overall Awards:
BDC's Chosen Recreational Routine
  -This routine is chosen by all 4 judges & will receive a plaque
and get to perform in our year end Magical Moments show.
- This dancer(s) will receive 3 classes free of charge leading up to the
year-end show to clean & perfect their routine. 
BDC's Chosen Competitive Routine
  -This routine is chosen by all 4 judges & will receive a plaque
and the chance perform in one of our competitions 
- This dancer(s) will receive 3 classes free of charge leading up to the 
competition to clean & perfect their routine 
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